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Texas Chapters & Contacts
Note:  Those with an (**) have a website, which is linked.
           Click on the name of the Officer to email that person.

Central Texas Chapter**
Kirk Dockery--1st Officer
Greg "Medicine Man" Parker

Texas Chisholm Trail Chapter**
Tony Terrell--1st Officer
Lew Foster--2nd Officer

Ft. Worth Chapter**
Doug "Wolf" Emerson--1st Officer
Steve "Maverick" Traywick--2nd Officer

Southeast Texas Chapter
Tom "Tomcat" Peterson--1st Officer

Houston Chapter**
Vernell Vallejo--1st Officer
Stan "Carajo" Gwinn

Hill Country Chapter**
John "Travelin' Man" Sayers--1st Officer
Harry "Gecko" Hinton--2nd Officer

Lubbock Chapter
James Geist--1st Officer

Lake Country Chapter**
Scott "Poepoe" Gallimore--1st Officer
Abel Lascano--2nd Officer

Conroe Chapter**
Sid "El Sid" Findley--1st Officer
Howard "SpEd" Camardelle--2nd Officer

Permian Basin Chapter
John Griffin--1st Officer

Brazos Valley Chapter**
Steve "Rockman" Anderson--1st Officer
Tye "Icebutt" Botting--2nd Officer

Piney Woods Chapter
Steve Jones--1st Officer

Dallas Chapter**
Ron "Jap" Gonzales--1st Officer
Randy "Chaney" McChane--2nd Officer

Rockwall County**
Roger "007" Moore--1st Officer
Rick "Road Rash" Buchanan--2nd Officer

Freeport Chapter
Myron "Gonzo" Whatley--1st Officer

Centerville Chapter
Gene "Lightning" Fivel--1st Officer

Caddo Trail**
Jason "Babyface" Cavazos
Myles "Carver" Bryant